Insurance/Re-Insurance Website Solutions

If you would you like to have a professional website for your insurance or re-insurance business, a website that requires no technical expertise on your part, a website that you can customize anytime you wish, a website that is built, hosted, and maintained by someone else, a website that is surprisingly inexpensive, in short, a professional website that leaves you free to conduct business without costing you a bundle of money or time, then you have come to the right place!
Included For One Very Low Monthly Price!
The following is a summary of what you get when you lease a professional website from Electronic Creations.  Remember, everything you see below is included for one very low monthy price, and there are never any hidden, unexpected, or "value-added" charges.
•  Website Hosting Your website will be hosted on our own extremely fast and reliable company servers, which are monitored and maintained by our company technical staff.  You will not have to deal with a third-party website hosting provider.  Our web servers are located in a reputable data center in America, not overseas.
•  Website Upgrades Your website will receive free software upgrades to all subsequent versions.  We will build, upload, and apply all upgrades.  You will not have to do anything.  You will be notified of all upgrades which provide you with even more great tools within your Admin Dashboard.
•  Website Back-Ups Your website and database will be automatically backed-up every night, 365 days per year.  In the unlikely event of a catastrophic hardware failure on your web server, your website and e-mail will be back on-line, probably even before you know there was a problem.

In our 15 years of hosting websites, we have yet to experience a complete drive failure on one of our servers.  But, we still take precautions that would greatly minimize down-time for our clients in the event of such an occurrence, by conducting nightly back-ups of all websites and databases.
•  Website Maintenance Your website will be monitored and maintained on a regular basis, by our own in-house technical staff.  We never sub-contract or out-source any of our work.
•  Technical Support Your website is so easy to use, and is so technically stable, that you will probably not need technical support very often.  However, if you ever need to contact us for any reason, we will almost always reply within 24 hours, including weekends.
•  Your Website Admin Dashboard This is one of the most exciting parts of your website and your leasing package.  Your website comes with an easy-to-use Admin Dashboard, which allows you to customize and personalize your website to suit your individual needs and your taste.

One of the many great aspects of your website, is that you do not need to know how to build, edit, or upload web pages.  You can make all your changes directly on-line, through your web browser, and from within your own website!  No technical expertise is required!

We think you will be amazed at how much you can do with your website, and how easy it is to use!  And, you will not have to wait on others, or rely on others, to make changes to your website.  You can do it all when you want, and exactly how you want.  And, again, you will not need to learn anything about building websites or uploading web pages.

You will be provided a username and password with which you can log-in to your website's Admin Dashboard at any time, 24-7, and make many, many types of changes to your website.

For much more information about your website's amazing Admin Dashboard, and to learn about the other features of your leasing package, please visit the links in the black menu bar at the top of this page.
•  Domain Names Every website needs a domain name.  You can use your own domain name, or you can use a great domain name already owned by Electronic Creations.  If you use one of our domains, that will also be at no extra charge to you.

But, if you do not have a domain name, and if one of ours will not work for you, then we will help you acquire a suitable domain, either by registering a new domain name for you, or through buying one from the current owner.

Please note that we do not sell domain names.
We look forward to working with you!

Admin Dashboard

We think you will be amazed at all you can do with your website, using your secure Admin Dashboard.  You will also find that the Dashboard is extremely well organized, and is very easy to understand and use.

Following is a summary of the many capabilities you will have, to easily customize and personalize your website, and to keep it updated when you want and exactly how you want.  Your website represents you and your business to the world, and you will have complete control over its content, and over the timeliness of any changes.

Choose Your Own Design
Choose from 8 different style possibilities, and then select the layout that you desire for each page.  Add your own logo, customize your own menu, widgets, and more.
Add New Pages and Posts
You can easily add new pages and posts to your website at any time, using the provided tools.
Create and Maintain Your Own Blog
You can create unlimited blog entries, associated with unlimited categories, and display them how you like on your website.  You can choose to allow site visitors to add comments to your blog entries.
Add Your Own Media
Add beautiful responsive photo galleries; upload batch images; publish, delete, re-order, and edit photo information right from your listing editor.  Your images will be automatically processed, cropped, and re-sized to fit your website.

Website Package Pricing

You will find that our prices are extremely reasonable, not only because you are getting a great professional website to take your business to the next level, but also because everything is included in one very low monthly price.  You will never find yourself being billed for hidden or unexpected charges.

Following is our simple 2-tier rate structure, based on the complexity of the website you need:

Single Agent

$150 per month
$150 one-time setup fee

Multiple Agents

$295 per month
$295 one-time setup fee

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Electronic Creations sell websites or domain names?
Our business is strictly the leasing of great websites, and the leasing package may or may not include a domain name.  If a lessee uses one of our domains as part of the leasing package, the domain is included at no extra charge.  We do not sell websites or domain names.  Domains are crucial for our business, therefore, we do not sell them.
2. I live and work outside the United States.  Can I still lease a website?
Yes, however we currently do not provide language translation for the website.
3. Why should I lease a website?  Why not just buy one?
That is an excellent question, and here are just a few of the many reasons why leasing is the way to go:

A. Cost - A professional website of the depth, complexity, functionality, stability, caliber, and general quality which we offer, would cost a minimum of $25,000 or more to have custom built, in addition to your monthly costs for technical support and hosting services.

In stark contrast, the monthly cost to lease a high-quality website from Electronic Creations is extremely small, and everything is included at no extra charge.

Also, if you buy a high-quality custom website, and you then leave your business for some reason, you are stuck with an expensive website that you can neither use nor sell.

We invite you to shop around, and compare quality, stability, and cost.  Be sure to ask for a demo before you buy or lease, and you will see the tremendous differences.  Click on Pricing above for more specific information about our leasing packages.

B. Worry and Headaches - When you buy a website, you can either spend years to learn how to manage the underlying software and code, and to make any changes or upgrades you want by yourself, or you can hire a skilled programmer to be on-call 24-7 in case your website needs attention.  You will also need to make sure that all your website data is backed-up every day, or at least every time you make a change.

In contrast, when you lease a website from us, we handle all software maintenance and upgrades, and web server hosting and functions, and daily back-ups of your website data, all at no extra charge.  Also, your Admin Dashboard allows you to customize, personalize, make changes, and upload listings when you want, and exactly how you want, all very easily and quickly, and without any technical experience.

C. Time - Since we handle everything for you, then you will not spend hours every week dealing with your website, and you will, therefore, have more time to make money in your business.  As you know so well, time is indeed money, especially in business.
4. If I lease a website, am I required to sign a lease for a year or more?
No, our lease agreement allows the lessee to rent the website on a month-to-month basis, at no extra charge.  You can abandon the lease with only 30-days notice, and you will not be billed any further beyond that period.