About Us
Electronic Creations Corporation is an internet development company that provides unique electronic services tailored for the web. Our company leases great websites, as a part of an entire package of leasing services. Building and leasing websites are our business.
 Our aim is to create websites that have complex functionality, yet have a clean look and feel, are extremely easy to use, and can be managed by non-technical folks. We currently manage hundreds of websites, and thousands of e-mail accounts and domains, for clients across the planet.
Our websites are extremely solid and reliable, with user interfaces that speak of utter simplicity, while allowing the highest functionality, and the most complex interaction with a database. We value clean code, user-friendliness, logical page-flow, cutting-edge functionality, and thorough testing, over speed of project completion. Time is necessary to create fine wines and great websites.

We have been working on the internet since 1996. The owners and staff have decades of combined experience working on internet, website, and computer technologies.
The average age of those in our offices is above 50 years old, therefore, when you lease a website from Electronic Creations, you will be working with a mature, responsible, and experienced staff of people.
We are an American company, owned and staffed by Americans. We never out-source any of our work, whether writing code or technical support. Never. All facets of our work are always accomplished in-house. Always. We pride ourselves on our quality control and our customer service.
Website Leasing
Real Estate Websites For Lease
 If you would you like to have a professional website for your real estate business, a website that requires no technical expertise on your part, a website that you can customize and add listings anytime you wish, a website that is built, hosted, and maintained by someone else, a website that is surprisingly inexpensive, in short, a professional website that leaves you free to sell or rent real estate without costing you a bundle of money or time, then you have come to the right place!
Included for one very low monthly price:
* Website Hosting
* Website Maintenance and Upgrades
* Website Back-Ups
* Technical Support
* Administrative Control Panel
To learn more, please visit the Real Estate Websites link on the upper-left side of this page.
We look forward to working with you!
Coming Soon:
Websites For Auto Dealerships!
 In just a few months, we hope to be launching our family of auto website leasing solutions, which are designed and built exclusively for automobile dealers located in America.
We are very excited about our coming website solutions for any automotive company, whether large, medium, or small in inventory, and whether national, regional, or local in service area!
Please check back periodically for updates and scheduled launch dates.
Other Services
Website Hosting
These services are for those who do not need to lease a website from us.
If you already have your own domain name and your own website already built or about to be built, and if you are looking for a great and inexpensive web hosting solution, you may want to consider our web hosting plans.
 Our reliable and secure Linux hosting plans are designed to fit your needs with multiple data centers, fast connections, free tools to get you online, and each package comes with e-mail accounts. Host a single website or up to 50 websites within a single plan. It's easy to get started and manage your new website! To learn more, please visit the Website Hosting link on the upper-left side of this page.
Domain Registration or Transfer
These services are also for those who do not need to lease a website from us.
If you would like to register your own domain name, or if you would like to transfer your existing domain name away from your current more-expensive provider, you may want to consider our domain registration and transfer services.
Our special domain name suggestion technology will help you find the right name for your new website. Free services include domain, URL, and email forwarding; sub-domains; parking; registrar lock, and more. To register a new domain name, or transfer an existing domain name, please visit the Domain Registration link on the upper-left side of this page.

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